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Our New Look...

We're rather excited about the new look of our web site, and we want to add to it as we collect material that is easily renderable into "cyber" format suitable for posting to our web site. The opening video is one such example; we'd love to have more to make available to our viewers. In particular, we'd love to have your stories about growing up in Blount County, accounts of life in earlier days of the county and also current news about the accomplishments of Blount Countians.

We now have two genealogists/family historians helping us here at the museum. While they don't claim to know everything about everybody, they can provide assistance and suggestions to our patrons who wish to learn more about their heritage and families.

Events & Activities...

Reeminiscing Veterans... the Oneonta Library, where our Curator, Amy Rhudy, recently presented a program about the County and its veterans.

We need some help...

The snapshot at the leftt is of the Boy Scout Hut (ca 1950) that was at Woodland Park. If anyone has a side and/or rear view of the hut, we would very much like to have a copy (or gift). It goes without saying that the Museum eagerly accepts old photographs and other Blount County memorabilia.

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