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Blount County History, Families, Tales and Other Accounts

100 Years of Altoona, by Ryan M. Cole. #BCM-0001: $20.00.

A Colorful History of Oneonta. #BCM-0002: $2.00.
(Coloring Book)

A Profile of Gabriel Hanby. #BCM-0003: $4.00.

Allgood Families #BCM-0004: $20.00

An Incredible Journey. #BCM-0005: $13.00.

A Season in Baghdad, by Ernie Carroll. #BCM-0051: $10.00.

Altoona Cemeteries. #BCM-0006: $20.00.

Bangor Days Gone By, by Ryan M. Cole. An account of the naming and history of Bangor, Alabama. #BCM-0007: $20.00

Blount County, AL, Census, Volume I, covering the period 1830 – 1840. #BCM-0008

Blount County, AL, Census, Volume II, covering the period 1850. #BCM-0009

Blount County, AL, Census, Volume III, covering the period 1860. #BCM-0010

Blount County, AL Marriages 1892 – 1910. #BCM-0011: $10.00.

Bridges Through Time. #BCM-0052: $7.00.

Blount Springs, by Greg Burden, whose heyday was as a retreat from the un-airconditioned turn of the century times. It's sulphur springs were believed to have marvelous curative powers, and it was a favorite summer retreat of the well–to–do of the times. #BCM-0012: $20.00

Bynum Families of Blount County, Volume I. #BCM-0013a

Bynum Families of Blount County, Volume II. #BCM-0013b

Champion Mines, an account of some of the many mines of Blount County. #BCM-0014: $20.00.

Cornelius Families of Blount County. #BCM-0015: $35.00.

D Roy, by William Odis Epps, an account of this life and times (sorta), as told by D Roy. He's a brick or two short of a full load, but he does right for his family and friends – even if it's not smart. Maybe you knew someone like him in the past. #BCM-0016: $12.00.

Ellis Families of Blount County. #BCM-0017: $30.00.

Last Stop Oneonta. #BCM-0020: $4.00.

Miracles and Testimonies. #BCM-0021: $12.00.

Moody's Chapel Cemetery. #BCM-0022: $10.00.

Murphree Families of Blount County. #BCM-0023: $75.00.

Out the Road and Around the Corner. #BCM-0025: $5.00.

Pinson, The Bicentenniel History. #BCM-0026: $25.00.

The Community of Village Springs. #BCM-50: $10.00.

The Forrest Streight Raid. #BCM-0030: $4.00.

The Moore Family of Susan Moore, Alabama, by C. Marie Currey and Max Pate. A family history of one of the early prominent families of Blount County. #BCM-0031: $20.00

The Great Temple of Travel, a history of Birmingham's Terminal Station. #BCM-0032: $50.00.

The Legends of Clover Hills – Hidden Cave Dwellers. #BCM-0033: $7.00.

The People and Places of Wynnville, Alabama. #BCM-0034: $7.00.

The Way It Was Back Then, by Robert Ward Woodard, paperback. This is an account of the times by the author. #BCM-0035: $15.00.

Turtles and Frogs and Little Tadpoles, by Leonard Yarbrough, paperback. Poems and Rhymes. #BCM-0036: $15.00.

Footprints in the Dust,by Frances Darnell Whited. Stories of families and friends who lived along the Old Tuscaloosa Road in Cleveland, AL.
#BCM-0037: $20.00.

Note Cards and Post Cards

Note Cards with Envelopes. #BCM-0039: $1.00.

Post Cards. #BCM-0040: $0.50 each.
Cards feature historical and landscape scenes of Blount County.

Other Items

Arrowhead Necklaces. #BCM-0041: $5.00.

Arrowheads. #BCM-0054: $5.00 – $25.00.
Assorted arrowheads found in Blount County. Great sock gifts for boys.

Blount Springs Post Card of Band. #BCM-0042: $1.00.
The card features a turn of the century photo of the Blount Springs band.

Christmas Ornaments. Ceramic hanging ornaments with a picture of a Blount County Covered Bridge as painted by local artist Helen Brown. Specify which covered bridge (Easley, Horton Mill, Nextar or Swann) in the order. These are great collectibles. #BCM-0043: $15.00 each.

Coffee Mugs. These mugs feature a surviving covered bridge in Blount County. Specify which Covered Bridge is desired (Easley, Horton Mill, Nectar, or Swann). #BCM-0044: $10.00/each.

Covered Bridge Refrigerator Magnets. #BCM-0045: $5.00.
These make very nice sock gifts at Christmas. Specify Easley, Horton Mill, Swann or Nectar Covered Bridge in the order.

Covered Bridge Prints. #BCM-0046: $1.00.

Framed Covered Bridge Prints Set. #BCM-0047: $45.00.
A set of four prints in a handsome frame.

Helen Brown Prints. #BCM-0048: $10.00.
A local artist known for her scenes and buildings of Blount County, her prints make a great gift.

Murmurous Shark's Teeth. #BCM-0055: $25.00.

Tile Trivets. #BCM-0049: $10.00.
Glazed ceramic trivets, each with a hand-painted Blount County scene, these trivets are both useful and attractive.

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