On–line Payments with PayPal®

The page upon which the PayPal button(s) is/are located has either the item to be purchased and its price/cost or a drop down menu from which a single item can be selected. That is, if there is no drop down menu of choices, only the listed item can be purchased during this transaction.

1 - The three most commonly enountered PayPal buttons are "Buy Now", "Donate" and "Add to Cart". The "Buy Now" button evokes a PayPal form page which shows what's being purchased, providing fields for entering the buyer's information and other requested data. The buyer can choose between paying with a credit/debit card or a PayPal account (for experienced buyers). It will provide an opportunity to preview the transaction before it is submitted for fulfillment. Upon submittal, the viewer will be redirected back to the page upon which the button was clicked.

The "Donate" button is similar to the "Buy Now" button, except that it allows the viewer to remit a viewer determined amount. It is appropriate for contributions and gifts to the Museum.

The "Add to Cart" is a bit more complicated. When it is used to select from a menu (list of items, each with its own unique price), it brings up a form listing all the items and their prices that have been selected by the viewer for purchase. The viewer may select any number of items/selection ( a single item is the default quantity) to be purchased with this transaction.

After updating the number of selections, the buyer has a choice of "Continue Shopping" (which returns the buyer to the page with the menu of selections) or of "Checkout" (which takes the buyer to a page which shows a listing of what's being purchased and fields for entering the buyers information and other requested data). Again, upon submittal, the viewer will be redirected back to the page upon which the button was clicked.

2 - After completing the purchase transaction, the buyer will have an opportunity to print/save a copy of the transaction for his/her records. PayPal will send the transaction to the provider (in this case, the Blount Memorial Museum). Upon submittal, the viewer will be redirected to the page upon which the button was clicked.

3 - The buyer has the option of cancelling the purchase at any time. This is done by simply clicking the "Update/Remove" link on the PayPal page and then closing the page.

Finally, if there's anything that is not clear, please notify the Webmaster with your questions/concerns.