Our latest project is off and running! The goal is to fly, at no cost to themsleves and the support personnel, a group of 100 Blount County veterans of the Korean and Vietnam conflicts. Application forms for both veterans and supporting Guardians are now available.The cadre for this undertaking, designated the Lone Eagle Flight2020, has formulated the requirements for participation. Veterans will be chosen on a "first come, first serve" basis. A veteran who has served in World War II or has been diagnosed as being in a terminal condition will automatically be placed at the head of the list.

The forms may be downloaded; note that a copy of the veteran's DD214 must accompany the application. Guardian applicants must provide a copy of a valid photo ID (drivers's license, passport personal data pages, other recognized ID). Eligibility for being a guardian is be in good health, be an EMT or equivalent, medical doctor, nurse, medical technician, or physical therapist.

The flight date is Thursday, September 24, 2020. The group will depart Oneonta aproximately 6:00am, amd return approximately 10:30pm. A more detailed itinerary will be available soon. Please note that both dates and times may be changed according to the dictates of the airline and weather.

In addition to visiting the Memorials in Washington, there will be a stop at Arlington National Cemetery for the Changing of the Guard ritual.

This is a challenging project, and the initial response so far has been great. Of course, we are asking for contributions ( we already have received numersous donations (all deductible, of course). We're offering the opportunity for individuals and businesses to sponsor a veteran with a gift of $1000.00.

Museum Musings...

  • We have new items to display; there's a new Beginner's Genealogy class, and other events at the Museum, too. There are still copies of the Blount County Heritage book available, too. So drop in and visit with us from time to time.

  • Some folks occasionally complain that we Blount Countians tend to live in the past; most of us simply believe that we have quite a history. We are proud of our heritage and of our people. True, we also like to take a stroll down Memory Lane from time to time.

  • We accept old photographs of our county's scenes and activities. If you wish to send one or more photos, simply scan it and attach it to an email to the Museum. If possible, send the image(s) as 5" x 8" JPG or PNG image format, along with a release form and a description of each scene. After all, part of having old snapshots is sharing them with frends and neightbors.

  • If your family has roots in Blount County, we invite you to join the Blount County Historical Society (BCHS). Dues are only $15.00/year. The BCHS meets quarterly and provides supporting services to Operation Grateful Heart and the Blount County Memorial Museum. Just download an application form, complete it and mail it to us with a check or money order.

  • Stop in and visit with us for a while; we're conveniently located just south of the Courthouse in Oneonta. The Museum hours are 8:00am until 5:00pm, Tuesday through Thursday. Also, visit our Facebook page. We have quite a collection of Blount County family records and genealogies. Knowledgeable family researchers are available to assist visitors. If you have family records and stories, we would be pleased if they were shared with us. If you cannot stop by, then just call (205–625–6905) or email them to the museum.

Online Payments Coming

In response to requests & suggestions, the BCHA Board has approved the collection of dues and sales payments online. PayPal® has been approved as the vehicle of choice. It is a recognized and secure means for online transactions. A listing of items for sale by the Museum is being prepared and will also be available online for the convenience of our patrons.

See Our Displays

The displays are being up–dated, including this one provided by Stanley Moss. It is whimsical and is a novel use of packaging foam material. Drop by and see what else is new.

Visit the BCMM Facebook Page

We have an active group of FaceBook® followers, and we invite everyone to drop in from time to time. It's also a source of additional information about the early families who settled Blount County, as well of the County's history and heritage.

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Planning a Tour?

The Museum provides guides for touring groups visiting Blount County. Please complete the tour notice form to request a knowledgeable guide.

Whether it's a visit to the covered bridges, Palisades Park, County Caves, or a working farm, we're always pleased to tell about our County.

Tips for Family Researchers

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