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We at the Blount County Memorial Museum are always aware of the sacrifices of our veterans and their families. We are honored to have many veterans who help us with our mission to record and maintain the records and artifacts of these families and of their contributions to our County, State and Nation.

The first World War – the War to end all Wars – is hardly noticed anymore, having been folded into Veterans's day, along with the Second World War, the Korean "Police Action" and other conflicts into which the Nation has been drawn.

We are justly proud of our heritage and the part our ancestors had in the forming of the State of Alabama. Historically, the area was hunting territory for the Creek and Cherokee Nations. Following the Creek Indian War, some of Andrew Jackson's army returned to settle here. They were joined by South Carolinians shortly afterwards. Today, it is known as the covered bridge capital; at one time there were numerous such bridges in the county. Sadly, time and mischief have reduced the number to just three bridges today.

The Museum is now taking orders for the Bicentennial Edition of the Blount County Heritage Book. This edition is now in preparation and will be available later this year.

Cost of this edition is $ 75.00 plus $5.00 S/H.

To reserve a copy, complete the order form and remit it with a check or money order payable to the Blount County Historical Society, P. O. Box 45, Oneonta, AL 35121.

While you're here, please review the events page to see what's going on in Blount County. Also, if you have a family or community event you wanted listed on ourevents page, just call the museum or email the Museum with your notice (no ads, please).

Also, stop by and visit with us for a while; we're conveniently located just south of the Courthouse in Oneonta. The Museum hours are 8:00am until 5:00pm, Tuesday through Thursday. Also, visit our Facebook Page. We aren't a large museum, but there's a lot to see. We have quite a collection of Blount County family records and genealogies and knowledgeable family researchers available.

Museum Musings

Now that Spring is here to stay, the number of visitors has increased noticeably, with some from Thailand, Australia and Luxembourg. It is very satisfying that one and all seem to be quite pleased with our exhibits and artifacts.

The exhibits have been changed with the advent of the Spring Quarter. This is, in reality, an on–going task, as it involves moving artifacts back and forth to and from their storage location. Here is one of the latest exhibits.

More photos are displayed on our FaceBook page. Take a moment to review them. Better yet, drop by the Museum the next time you're in the neighborhood. We' be happy to chat with you.

Blount County Art & Photo Contest

This contest is sponsored by the Friends of the Locust Fork River. The theme is "Celebrating Life In & Around the Locust Fork River". Art and photos must include some aspect of the Locust Fork River or its tributaries, and may also include people, plants and critters.See the Contest Guidelines & Release Form for a complete listing of categories, rules, and prizes available to entrants.

The contest is organized by the Friends of the Locust Fork River (FLFR) in Partnership with the Blount County Memorial Museum & Historical Society. Sponsors of the contest include the Blount Co. Economic Development Council, Hometown Bank, King Green & Dobson LLC, Locust Fork Pharmacy & many Generous Friends.

Who can enter? Any resident of Blount County, someone who works in or goes to school in Blount County, or someone who contributes to the betterment of Blount County. Board members of FLFR & the Blount County Museum & Historical Society may enter but are ineligible for cash prizes.For more information visit, or contact Sharon Cook, or call Amy Rhudy at the Blount Memorial Museum 205-625-6905. Also, follow us on FaceBook.


The Museum recently received a bequest of an estate library, the sale of which will help underwrite the updating of the Blount County Heritage Book. This hardcover collection consists of biographies, classic literature and novels, history, do-it-yourself books, cookbooks, and a few textbooks. Buy a single copy or an armfufor only $2.00/book.

Covered Bridge Ornaments

The Museum once again has porcelain Christmas ornaments featuring the Nectar covered bridge. They make great sock presents for Christmas and are only $15.00/each.

Lady Lakers of Highland
Lake Cookbooks

These cookbooks are for sale ($5.00/copy) at the Blount County Memorial Museum, 204 2nd Street, North, Oneonta, AL 35121

Friends of the Locust Fork River

Check the events page for upcoming FLFR activities. For additional information about any of these activities, contact the FLFR.

Blount County Heritage Book Deadline

The Blount County Historical Society (BCHS) wants historical information about Blount County families, civic and business activities, local area community history and even tales of local lore. Photographs are welcome. The deadline for updating entries for this popular publication is July 1, 2018.

The BCHS asks that submissions be held to less than 250 words and a photgraph. Submittal fees apply and are as follows:

Up to 250 words (no photographs): $25.00
251 – 500 words + 1 picture: $50.00
501 – 750 words + 1 picture: $75.00
One–half "featured" page: $500.00
Full page "featured" page: $1,000.00

All submissions become the property of the Blount County Historical Society and must include contact information for the submitter (name, address, telephone number and e–mail). Email all submissions to or mail to BCHS, P. O. Box 45, Oneonta, AL 35121.

Alternatively, drop the submission off at the Blount County Memorial Museum, 204 2nd Street, South, Oneonta, AL 35121.

Planning a Tour?

The Museum provides guides for touring groups visiting Blount County. Please complete the tour notice form to request a knowledgeable guide.

Whether it's a visit to the covered bridges, Palisades Park, County Caves, or a working farm, we're always pleased to tell about our County.

Blount County Roots?

If your family has roots in Blount County, we invite you to join the Blount County Historical Society (BCHS). Dues are only $10.00/year. The BCHS meets quarterly and provides supporting services to Operation Grateful Heart and the Blount County Memorial Museum. Just download an application form complete it and mail it with payment.


If you have an announcement about a family reunion or suggested site links, please send to the Curator. We would be pleased to add them. No ads, please.

We have an active group of FaceBook® followers, and we invite everyone to drop in from time to time. It's also a source of additional information about various County family's histories, as well of the County's history and heritage.

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