The Museum continues to practice "social distancing" as long as it is necessary. We also ask our visitors to wear a good quality mask. We regret having to insist on this, but many of our visitors are high risk for the disease.

It's a new year for the Blount County Historical Society, and it is time to renew memberships. Dues are $ 15.00, and payment can be mailed to the Blount County Memorial Museum or online with PayPal®.

More about Honor Flight 2020...

It was disappointing having to delay the flight until next Spring, but the Covid–19 virus made the delay inevitable. At this time, the flight is scheduled for April 22, 2021. Fortunately, the Honor Flight fund raising was successful and the trip is fully funded, thanks to all the supporters. We'll keep everyone uodated here and on our FaceBook page.

Here are a few snapshots of our fundraising activities earlier in the ear.

Visit Our Facebook Page

We have an active group of FaceBook® followers, and we invite everyone to drop in from time to time. It's a source of additional information about the early Blount County, as well of the County's history and heritage.

Tips for Family Researchers

Donate to the Museum

Donations help with the acquisition and publication of family records.

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