Welcome to the Blount County Memorial Museum

We at the Blount County Memorial Museum are always aware of the sacrifices of our veterans and their families. We are honored to have the many veterans who help us with our mission to record and maintain the records and artifacts of these families. Our appreciation for their contributions to our Country cannot be overstated.

Museum Musings...

Summer is here, although many were doubting its arrival, and the rains continue from time to time. There are new displays in the works, and we have acquired artifacts from another estate. All in all, there's plenty to see and to tell about.

It is always a bit of a surprise when someone contacts us about one of the County's original settlers. Recently, we were contacted by a Californian descended from the Hamby and Crump families; he had a family bible with information we had not seen. He graciously loaned the Museum his bible and several pages of handwritten notes about his ancestors. Needless to say, we are very pleased to be entrusted with this family bible.

We have received numerous favorable comments about the Museum's facelift. While we are pleased to be credited for the revovations here, credit is due to the Blount County Commissioners, our Judge of Probate and the County Administrator for their help in making the new look possible. So, when in the neighborhood, stop in and visit with us for a while.

Please take time to review the events page to see what's going on in Blount County. Also, if you have a family or community event you desire to be listed on our events page, just call the museum or email the Museum with your notice (no ads, please).

Also, stop by and visit with us for a while; we're conveniently located just south of the Courthouse in Oneonta. The Museum hours are 8:00am until 5:00pm, Tuesday through Thursday. Also, visit our Facebook page. We have quite a collection of Blount County family records and genealogies. Knowledgeable family researchers are available to assist visitors. If you have family records and stories, we would be pleased if they were shared with us. Just call (205–625–6905) or email them to the museum.

Visit the BCMM Facebook Page

We have an active group of FaceBook® followers, and we invite everyone to drop in from time to time. It's also a source of additional information about the early families who settled Blount County, as well of the County's history and heritage.

Friends of the Locust Fork River

Check the events page for upcoming FLFR activities. For additional information about any of these activities, contact the FLFR.

Planning a Tour?

The Museum provides guides for touring groups visiting Blount County. Please complete the tour notice form to request a knowledgeable guide.

Whether it's a visit to the covered bridges, Palisades Park, County Caves, or a working farm, we're always pleased to tell about our County.

Blount County Roots?

If your family has roots in Blount County, we invite you to join the Blount County Historical Society (BCHS). Dues are only $10.00/year. The BCHS meets quarterly and provides supporting services to Operation Grateful Heart and the Blount County Memorial Museum. Just download an application form complete it and mail it with payment.

Tips for Family Researchers

Besides information about our County's history, there are tips for family historians, which reflect the findings of veteran family researchers.


If you have an announcement about a family reunion or suggested site links, please send to the Curator. We would be pleased to add them. No ads, please.

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