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Labor Day and the County Fair have come and gone, the leaves are beginning to show tinges of color, and Fall is almost here. We've been busy here at the Museum, and nearly all of our records have been re-numbered, and in some case re-ordered. We've gotten some challenging requests from some of our visitors, too -- "Hi, I'm searching for John D {unpronounceable surname}. Tell me all about him." Sighhhh.....

By and large, we are able to provide helpful hints, as well as detailed information about various ancestors, but some remain elusive in spite of all the available search tools and information data sources. That's both the attraction and bane of the family historian's life.

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We're fortunate to have as much information about our County's early history. This is constantly being augmented by material and artifacts brought to us by our patrons. We may be a small Museum, but we get folks from all over the USA, as well as a number of foreign countries who visit us. We are grateful to all of them, too.

Museum Musings...

  • Our Curator and her husband recently bought a home near the intersection of CR 24 and CR 27. Nothing was known of the history of the property, which they purchased from Gail and Bucky England. Subsequently, a friend mentioned that the property had once held the Holly Springs School. Where others might have treated this as a curiosity, Amy Rhudy realized that she and her husband Lee Rhudy has a significant historical site.

    Visits to the County Courthouse and Board of Education and conversations with members of the England family provided documents that confirmed that Bucky's grandparents, William Edward and Ola Idella England, had donated property to the Board of Education for the school, which was built in 1938. The Rhudys asked the Blount County Historical Society provide a historical marker to memorialize the location of the school. The Historical Society approved the procurement of a marker, the first such marker provided by the Society, according to its president, Stanley Moss. Moss indicated the group would consider future markers for significant unmarked historical sites.

    Marker Didication Photograph Marker Didication Photograph Marker Didication Photograph Marker Didication Photograph Marker Didication Photograph

    Several descendants of the elder Englands related that the school had one large room which was divided into two classrooms. One was for the first through third grades, and the second was for grades four through six. According to records found by Amy, the school was closed in 1950, although one England family member believed it operated several years after that date. The records indicate that in 1958 the school and property were sold back to the original William England who had donated the land. The building was torn down, according to family members, and its lumber was used in the building of a home nearby for some of England's relatives.

    Installation and dedication of the marker at this site was attended by Amy and Leeland Rhudy and the England family members shown in the accompanying photographs.

  • Stop in and visit with us for a while; we're conveniently located just south of the Courthouse in Oneonta. The Museum hours are 8:00am until 5:00pm, Tuesday through Thursday. Also, visit our Facebook page. We have quite a collection of Blount County family records and genealogies. Knowledgeable family researchers are available to assist visitors. If you have family records and stories, we would be pleased if they were shared with us. If you cannot stop by, then just call (205–625–6905) or email them to the museum.

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The Alabama Bicentennial Past Ports are still available. They are a commpendium of historic destinations in each of Alabama's 67 counties, featuring hisotrical and cultural sites and events. Each Past Port also fea tures original artwork depicting the State's rich heritage.

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The Museum provides guides for touring groups visiting Blount County. Please complete the tour notice form to request a knowledgeable guide.

Whether it's a visit to the covered bridges, Palisades Park, County Caves, or a working farm, we're always pleased to tell about our County.

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If your family has roots in Blount County, we invite you to join the Blount County Historical Society (BCHS). Dues are only $10.00/year. The BCHS meets quarterly and provides supporting services to Operation Grateful Heart and the Blount County Memorial Museum. Just download an application form complete it and mail it with payment.

Tips for Family Researchers

Tips Clipart Image Besides information about our County's history, there are tips for family historians, which reflect the findings of veteran family researchers.

The Blount County Bicentennial Home School Program is offered for students aged 8 – 18. Contact the Curator or call 205-625-6905 for information about events.


Books Clipart ImageIf you have an announcement about a family reunion or suggested site links, please send to the Curator. We would be pleased to add them. No ads, please.

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